Hi, my name is Tomasz Wajsprych and I'm commercial photographer since 2005.
I'm specialized in product and advertisement photography in general. 
In 2020 I also started shooting videos.
My studio is based in Silesia, Poland but I'm working worldwide.

Some of my clients:
Gerlach, Kross, Kronen, Audi, Constantia Teich, National Centre for Culture Poland, 
Press clients:
Gazeta Wyborcza, Duży Format, Wysokie Obcasy, Avanti, Pani
photographer Tomasz Wajsprych
Feel free to contact me in English or Polish:
by phone: +48 605 316 819

Studio address:
Hajduki Invest Park
ul. Stalowa 17 - building nr 17/202 
41-506 Chorzów, Poland
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